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tv   11 News  NBC  April 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> live, local, and late- breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news tonight. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> a grant good by to a gian in maryland politics. governor schaefer died last monday after more than 50 years in public services. farewellled schaefer's tour. 11 news reporter george has details. >> the final goodbye begins monday in annapolis.
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the man will lie in repose in the rotunda from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. >> he was a man that represented many facets of the importance of being a public servant. >> governor o'malley will lay a wreath. others stayed dignitaries will join the public eye and a procession. his motorcade will travel to baltimore. from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., the motorcade will take a tour of charm city making 13 stops that honored as a legacy, like camden yards where players will greet the motorcade. the national aquarium where he went and the seal pool. >> he loved people. everyone knows that. everything was about people and the neighborhood. >> the tour ends at city hall
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where he will lie in iran's. -- lie in repose. governor schaefer's longtime aide wondered how her boss would react to the outpouring of love. >> i keep everything i read and say, i have got to tell them this. i know he would be so thrilled. he would go, you probably made them say it. >> many more fond memories will e heard in the pew oss of old st. paul's church on monday. >> he is getting recognition he has deserved. a lot of times, that does not happen until after you are gone. he is up there somewhere looking down smiling. >> after the funeral, governor schaefer will be buried at the delay and the gardens. he will lay next to his longtime
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companion hilda may snoots. there is continuing coverage on our website where we have posted a complete list of fuel arrangement, including the stops on tomorrow's procession as well as a place to leave your condolences. just go to easter sunday started off beautifully -- sunny temperatures, warming up, but all line of strong storms ripped through the area at in the afternoon. here is a picture of the storm clouds rolling into baltimore. kelly sent us a picture of trees up rooted near ellicott city. it was perfect for easter egg hunts and sunday dinner, but then it took a turn. >> after 2:00 or 3:00, storms started to roll out of virginia. even had a tornado warning in montgomery county. it did not materialize into
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anything. winds were gusting up to 60 miles per hour. we now have another line of storms, not as strong, but producing a lot of lightning and thunder south of baltimore. in baltimore, we have showers. around annapolis, anne arundel county, and down towards pg county and charles county, some pretty good thunderstorm activities. we have not had reports of severe weather. i will put the lightning in here. in fact, let me stop this for you. there is the latest view. we could see some strong winds and a little bit of hail the nextoss teh bahe bay in 20-30 minutes. will be in this form unstable air for a few days. i will detail the temperatures in a few minutes. >> you can follow the storms down to your very own street
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using our interactive radar on our website, when severe weather strikes you can we share your photos and videos. the storms held off for most of the day. it gave people plenty of time to enjoy the easter celebration. >> the pews were full as a half million catholics celebrated easter, one of the holiest days in christie and be paired >> everybody was there to the holiday. >> this is a joyous occasion for us catholics and christians. >> the baltimore archbishop give us his take on the mindset of parishioners on what was a beautiful easter sunday morning. >> the economy is on a tough shape. violins -- still people have hope. that is a god-given thing. things will get better. in the final day, the lord will
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win. >> and around 100,000 gathered with benedictus to celebrate easter mass in st. peter's square. the pontiff spoke from the shade of cockamamie set up over -- under the shade of a red canopy. the white house will hold its easter egg roll tomorrow on the south lawn. the obamas will participate. they are expecting more than 30,000 people. it will run from 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. cities across missour are starting to clean up. the twister was a grearanked an- 4. officials say it was the strongest to hit the area in 45 years. st. louis airport was hardest
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hit, but is operating at 70%. residents say they are thankful no one was killed during those powerful storms. >> we could of lost lives. we are not -- our family is fine. >> officials say the storm's damage to more than750 homes. it may take several months for them to recover. in baltimore, a violin that left four people dead. two men were found inside a car near lincoln park sunday morning. both were shot and died. a third man was shot while sitting on the steps of the southwest baltimore home. a 20-year-old was shot and killed on a west baltimore. new details tonight in the beating of a transgender woman at a baltimore county macdonald. police have arrested 18-year-old tianna brown. she is charged with felony assault. she is being held on $150,000
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bail. a 14-year-old was charged as a juvenile. the employees to capture the video have since been fired. >> gas prices have gone up 6 cents just in the last week, and and our oil companies are reporting their latest profits. with gas prices just below $4 a gallon, chances are the numbers will not make you happy. exxon marble may report a near record profits, net income 59% higher than last year. chevron expected to see a 29% increase. consumers want to know where profits are so high. >> they will be of substantially from the prior year because of the crude-oil price of being hired and the crude-oil price does drive their profitability. >> what profits have renewed republicans pushed for domestic drilling. the rebels say they will not be able to produce crude for
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another four weeks. 32 were killed as gaddafi forces fired. the pope urged diplomacy in libya . brian moore explains the pentagon says u.s. ground troops are not an option. >> gaddafi's forces have all but abandoned it the besieged city of misrata. and for rebel forces, that is a victory. but this fight is far from over. after a surprise trip to libya, senator john mccain says it is hard to see who is winning. >> this is a pretty bloody situation, and it has the earmarks of being a stalemate. now we hope that gaddafi will crumble, but hope is not a strategy. >> mccain is just one and a chorus of critics question and nato's strategy. >> cut the head of the snake off. go to tripoli, bomb gaddafi's
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inner circle. >> nato has scaled back and recover missions. the administration insists there will be no american boots on the ground. >> we have been clear about what we would do and we have done it. >> the rebels say they are willing to fight and to die. what i have got plenty of bodies, they need more arms and assistance to win. >> an l.a. pd helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing after coming under fire this morning. the chopper was backing up a patrol car when the gunmen opened fire on the chopper. the crew landed after one bullet hit the fuselage. the gunman was distraught over
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recent death of a friend pierre tomorrow is a big day for congressman gabrielle giffords. she will find out if your doctors say that all systems are go for her to attend her husband's shuttle launch. mark kelly is the commander of the space shuttle "endeavor." the arizona congresswoman continues to recover from a gunshot wound to the head after an assassination attempt on a general. doctors said she has made remarkable strides and can stand on her own. gabrielle giffords living and a rehabilitation hospital at in houston. >> the fire department otters again gore hailed as a hero. >> looking where my mom was and said, where is the baby? my mom went running out there and there she was floating in the water. >> f hysteroid action and where he learned it. and -- his heroic action and where he learned it. it takes a lot of planning to pull off the wedding of the century. plus, >> you walk out of new york
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city, you hail a cab, they're supposed to take you anywhere and you want to go to l.a.. >> how two men pulled off an unusually long taxi ride. we had some impressive storms, but and parts of arkansas and oklahoma, those are the really big storms. we urge -- they are drifting in this director. we'll talk about the forecast on a a moment. temperatures cooled down.
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>> a professor and an investment banker harold and york city cab
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and convince the driver to take them all the way across the country. >> do you think ipad would take us all the way from new york to l.a.? -- do you think a cab would take us from new york to l.a.? >> i would be part of the record. >> it took the trio's six days to complete the quest, which they documented on twitter. it cost johnny and the dan $5,000. 3,000 miles in manhattan would cost $17,000. an incredible story. a nine year-old arizona boy being hailed as a hero after saving his little sister. tristan was playing video games at his grandmother's house when his two year-old sister found her way into the backyard pool. the mom polder out of the water and nine year-old tristan sprung into action. >> i told my grandmother to call 911 and then i ran back outside and i did cpr. >> how do you know how to do
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cpr? >> the movie "black hawk down." >> tristan says he does not consider himself a hero . with less than a week until the royal wedding, hundreds of people are heading to westminster abbey hoping to catch wedding preparations. we have more now from london. >> the streets of london are packed on what is an absolutely beautiful day teeming with people, especially around westminster abbey. a lot of worshipers for easter services, but excitement is building for the royal wedding of prince william and kate middleton. >> he is the future king of england. it is good for the country, as you can see, it is really busy here. so it is good for everybody, something to cheer about in these times. >> of 1900 people have been invited inside westminster abbey for the royal wedding.
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then the day after, on saturday, the abbey will open up for a special royal tour where visitors can walk on a the footsteps of william and kate, the steps they took down the aisle and more on friday during the royal wedding. the seating arrangement will remain out, even the flowers will remain on display. >> our coverage of the royal wedding continues all this week with reports from kate o'mara. she will be live on land it -- in london beginning at 4:30 a.m.. >> now your forecast. >> let's check our doppler radar once again. still, thunderstorm activity and rumbling across the area. this latest line is further south than the one earlier this evening that did produce a strong winds and lightning. that line was from one can meet and how -- from montgomery and up into the northeast corner of the state.
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this line is running south, into central portions of delmarva peninsula. red and orange -- a lot of lightning being produced. we are not getting reports of severe weather with strong winds. but lightning is a big danger. in this area, beginning to move across the bay right now. here is baltimore. i have circled it off. out to the west-northwest, things taper off. things should quiet down later on this evening. what did happen during the day today? before the rain kicked in, it was nice and warm. 84 was the high at the airport and the inner harbor. typically we would be at 6358 and 63 were early morning lows. rainfall totals. it came down for a while. it seems like we should of had more than this. .3 of an inch at the inner harbor. wyou had to be under the right thunderstorm cell to pick up the
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significant rain, the downbursts of brain activity. the warmest termperatures this evening have been driven world of the south. central portions of the delmarva and downs of a charles county, where readings are still in the 70's. around the baltimore area, we are in the 60's. here is a satellite picture. the latest band of storm activity. there is sure activity out to the west. this is lined up along that cold front, which is going to be in the neighborhood for a couple of days. it remains a threat as far as rain is concerned. it looks like we will be on the warm side of this front. wander back and forth. little impulses will move along the front as it kind of stays there. essentially, come wednesday night and thursday, something will kick that thing through and push it out of the area and the weather will finally settle down. thursday could very well be the storm is today of the week. overnight, the storm chances will diminish and skies will become partly cloudy.
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58-62, the overnight loans. a mix of sunshine and clouds of tomorrow. we could see a thunderstorm chance late in the day. 20% or 30% 79-83 for the high. a similar de tomorrow as we had today. southwest winds at 5-10 miles per hour. here is the rain the computer is showing right now. that diminishes it tomorrow. we get into some dry air. the rain will be concentrated to our north in the morning and early afternoon tomorrow. some may get closer to us later in the day. tuesday the rain chances go up, but we may stay on the dry side. by the time we get into wednesday, we will see the cold front, come in. 81 tomorrow, 80 degrees on tuesday. rain chances lobos days. we could see some thunderstorm activity. then rain chances to start to kick up a little bit on thursday strong storms there.
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highs only and the 70's. following a cold front, temperatures will cool down. >> the orioles had their chances of a record >> it is a game of inches. it was today. he was so close to scoring the winning run. this was not the only chance the orioles had. we will show you how close calls we will show you how close calls came back to bite the [ whistle blows ] [ male announcer ] can the network you live on handle the computers, tvs and technology you can't live without?
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>> the orioles have to be wondering, how did the ball not go over brett gardner's head? the opportunities were there for the o's to pull off a great comeback against the yankees. instead, they have to think about another loss, their third in 0 row. he struck out nine batters today. jake got into trouble. a two run blast. mark reynolds launched one the other way. two runners on. if any other player is in to left field, braque gardner can fly. he makes a great catch, keeping the yankees on a front. two more for brian roberts he rips it to right field. adam jones scores. a great relay.
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dino is called up. yankees with two runners on. arod at the plate. adam jones comes up t hrowing. jeter is out of there. what a block. yankees threatening again. russell martin, a grounder. a great stop, but he throws it away. the yankees scored the go-ahead run and add two more. a disappointing end to a great game. the orioles lose 6-3. it was a day of celebration for terps across. the women captured the acc title for the third straight year, then it was a the men's turn. maryland faced duke. it did not look good. the blue devils scored five of the game's first seven goals, this one by robert gave duke a 5-2 lead.
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marilyn fought back to tie at 6- 6. terps now in front 7-6. duke would tie it at 7-7. travis reed it's the feed. he delivers. terps go up 9-8. to the fourth. marylanders still up by one. fires at low. the boley cannot even find it. it winds up on the back of the net. the final seconds ticked away. the terps lost the title year ago. not this time. when it 11-9, their first acc championship since 2005. the maryland women are also acc champion stich. they beat north carolina. this is laura mary field scoring her fifth goal of the game. she was the mvp they won 12-7. the not a matter of if
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heat will advance to beat the 76ers' per the question is whether or not it would pull off the sweep. . lebron james doing his thing. we start in the second quarter. d wade to lebron. late in the game, sixers trailing. lou williams, the 3. sixers take the lead, but he still had a chance. lebron james has the ball. he will take the shot. hetron brand with tghe block. the heat lead 3 games to one. sabres.flierss and they would come back. scott forced overtime. mike richards the shot.
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fliers win a thriller, 5-4. forcing a seventh and deciding game tuesday night in philadelphia.
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